Most Popular Types of Pokies You Ought to Try

By Matthew Harris | Types of pokies

Feb 04

If you thought that there is only one type of slot machines or pokies, you terribly wrong. Since the invention of slot machines, the concept for this entertaining device was changed more than five times, not counting the small changes. So if you want to find a type of pokies that suits your style of play, you should first review them all. But with so many models, who has time to review them all? To save up on time, we’ll mention only the most popular ones so you can pick your top favorite.

Three Slot Pokies.

The most classical, most commonly seen in casino featuring movies, where rows of these pokies stand next to one another waiting for their next user.  The concept is simple there are three rows each with four lines. Enter a coin and press the button and they all start spinning until, eventually, they stop and show you the outcome. One matching row gets you something, but match three rows, and you’ll get the ultimate jackpot! This concept of slot machines used to have, although some of them still have, a lever on the side instead of a button. This is why they were called one-armed-bandits back in 1890’s, due to their ability to rob a person their moral reasoning and due to the fact that they somewhat resembled a burglar without a limb.

Progressive Pokies.

You ever noticed a conflict in a casino where two people are arguing about their spot on a slot machine? Usually seen on movies where a patron leaves a particular puggy after spending near eternity on it, feeding it coin after coin, and then notices the next user gets the jackpot in one or two tries. But what’s the difference, it’s all luck, isn’t it? We’ll with progressive pokies you build up your jackpot. Every coin that you enter it adds up to the jackpot bonus and every jackpot that you get doubles the next one. So yeah they have the right to be angry at the next patron that gets their hard earned jackpot.

Megaspin Pokies.

As the name suggests, with these pokies you get to spin more than on other pokies. You can either choose to spin the whole reel, or chose which rows to spin. The goal here is, naturally, to get all three lines to match with symbols. Buy you can’t get it to happen all the time. This is why freedom of choice is given to Megaspin pokies players, so they could calculate their winnings into adjusting them into a jackpot! For example, if you feel like you are close on one line to a jackpot, you won’t play it until you get other two close to the jackpot. After you’ve got them all aligned in a number of pull’s all you need to do is give it a couple more tries, and you got yourself a Megaspin Jackpot!

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