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Feb 04

Ultimate Guide for Becoming a Winner- Online Pokies Tips & Tricks.

By Matthew Harris | Ultimate guide

If you consider gambling your hobby, it means that you’re into it for a while. And we all know how hard it can be to gather strength and pick ourselves up after we’ve lost a considerable amount of money. But right there is the key, to never give up, and to keep the consistency. Ever heard of the expression after rain comes the sun? Think of it this way, if you leave the spotlight, someone else will take your place and your “rainy days” and all the bad luck you’ve experienced in that period will count for nothing, as the person in your place will get your well-deserved sunny days. So here are some essential rules to keep winning and stay confident.

Keep Yourself Motivated.

Motivation and optimism are something you should never run out of. If you’re gloomy and negative you won’t win anything, trust us it’s proven. Positive vibrations attract positive events, so the only way to win is to think big and keep your mind set to achieve greatness. One way to bring your luck back, if you’re experiencing some, is to play on those servers where you know you have to win. The one with small investment requirement and a huge rate of winning is a type of server you’re looking for. So to feel better and bring back your luck, you might want to do the obvious thing-start winning again. That should get you running and bring your luck back.

Take A Break.

Luck isn’t a well of good outcomes that cannot be depleted, when you feel out of luck it means that you’ve used all of it for that day, or even period. So give it some time to rejuvenate. Whenever you feel that you’re out of luck, and turn after turn, puggy after puggy, that is proven with your failure to get a jackpot give it a rest. Forget about gambling and think about other things in your life. You need to completely erase every memory that you’ve played pokies on that day or anytime in the past. This way you’ll be able to focus on other things that make you happy, and before you know it you’ll be up and ready to hop into the gambling world again! It only takes a couple of days. However, if you’re down on your luck but continue to push it in search for happiness and success, it may take more time to get your luck back.  People that kept loosing for months had to quit gambling for a year, to get their thought back together and rejuvenate that “well of good luck” bringing it to its former glory.  Think of going on vacation, or spending some time in the county, that should get your thought back together and hopefully your luck as well.